Let’s Talk Workshops

C3 Alliance Corp. hosted two interesting and informative workshops on key natural resource issues and opportunities. The workshops were held on Tuesday, January 28 at the Prince George Conference and Civic Centre.

Note: Registration for these workshops is not included in the full conference fee and must be purchased separately.

When “It” Hits the Fan:
Crisis Communications for Resource Companies

Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Time: 10:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

This workshop will walk you through the process of preparing your organization to communicate effectively with employees, contractors, investors, customers, suppliers, First Nations, government, the media and the public-at-large when the unforeseeable happens. The workshop leaders will outline how to: prepare for and effectively manage issues; deliver timely information through communications channels; recognize and act on the potential for costly reputational damage; and build bridges after a situation is resolved. This workshop will be instructed by Martin Livingston.

Let’s Talk Impact Benefit Agreements

Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Let’s Talk Impact Benefits Agreements (IBA) focusses on the IBA negotiations process and includes information on how to negotiate a basic framework of an IBA and best practices in IBA negotiations strategies. This workshop will be instructed by Justin Himmelright, R.P.Bio, M.Eng.

Key outcomes for participants include:

  • obtaining information on the status of Impact Benefit Agreements between First Nations, companies, and government across the province;
  • examining the strategies and foundations of Impact Benefit Agreements;
  • reviewing the contents of typical agreements and how to make them work for the community;
  • understanding the strategies and requirements of the community in implementing Impact Benefit Agreements; and
  • discussing the opportunities presented by negotiation and implementation of these agreements.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of workshops occurs when there are not enough course registrants. This will be determined based on registration numbers as of December 20, 2019.